Law: Proxy counsel cannot argue a case: High court

Proxy counsel cannot argue a case: High court
Feb 16, 2015
Background: There are times when the advocate on record is stuck in some other court and cannot attend to another matter. In such cases, he appoints a “proxy counsel” to take care of the case in his absence. …

HC asks 2 cops to face trial 23 years after torturing woman
Jan 25, 2015
MUMBAI: Police can’t torture an accused to extract information, the Bombay high court has ruled in a landmark judgment, and ordered two policemen to face trial for brutally assaulting a woman in custody 23 years ago. …

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SC puts curbs on adjournments to ensure fairer and faster trials
Jan 22, 2015
NEW DELHI: In a step that would ensure free and speedy trial, the Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered courts not to grant any adjournment during the most crucial phase of trial, which is between deposition of witness and his cross-examination by the counsel for accused. …

Law ministry draws policy to withdraw ‘frivolous’ cases
Jan 20, 2015
NEW DELHI: In an effort to bring down pendency of cases in courts, both the Centre and states have decided to withdraw ‘frivolous and ineffective cases’. …

Bollywood Ban on Women Make-Up Artists Ends, Supreme Court Says It’s Illegal
November 10, 2014
New Delhi: The Supreme Court today ended a nearly six-decade ban on women make-up artists in the film industry, calling it an “absolute violation of constitutional value and norms.” …

Judges cannot demand respect through contempt power: Supreme Court
Nov 3, 2014
Since its inception, the Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that “no one can be a judge in his own cause”. This principle brings fairness to the justice delivery system and upholds equality of all before law. …

SC sets Dec 1 deadline for release of undertrials who have served half of their maximum possible sentence
Sep 5, 2014
NEW DELHI: Supreme Court on Friday set a two-month deadline, ending December 1, for release of all undertrial prisoners who have served a period which is more than half the maximum sentence for their crime. …

Girls born before 2005 too have equal rights to jointly-owned property, says Bombay high court
Aug 15, 2014
MUMBAI: The Bombay high court has clarified that a change in law in 2005 to bring daughters on a par with sons over rights to joint family property can be applied retrospectively. …

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Law: Proxy counsel cannot argue a case: High court
Sun, Feb 22 2015
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